Friday, July 15, 2011

Weeks and weeks

Well folks,

I'm finally updating this dang thing. I know it LOOKS like I haven't updated in over a year, but I actually updated not-too-long ago, but deleted it because the post was a bit unprofessional. Now, it doesn't matter (as much) because I am FINALLY gainfully
employed! LET'S HAVE A PARTY.

You KNOW Elvis knew how to throw a good party.

I'd have a party on these glorious purple stairs:

Nevermind the danger. I'd tumble down and do a dance on that BALLER coffee table.

via the lovely Erin on design crisis.

I'd serve appetizers, like maybe some southwest eggrolls or some JELL-O shots on this table:

You'd eat off it, right? Me, too. I think I'd sleep on it.

I'd be sure to invite David Bowie-Ben Franklin, because what would a party be without lightning bolts and C-Notes?

Lame, that's what. Also via design-milk.

Then, after the party, we'd have to have another, more chill party. Because nobody would want it to end.

Everybody loves sandwiches. (Me especially.) via nostalgie de la boue.

That's all, y'all!