Thursday, February 25, 2010

You don't have to put on the red light

Hello all!

It's not a blizzardy hell-hole outside today, which I am appreciating very much. Hooray for not being blasted in the eyeball with pointy ice crystals!

Check out this awesome Steampunk collection. Some of these really freak me out.

Wow - such cool stuff. Here, I'll even RE-LINK you so you go check it out! Reminds me a lot of Nightmare Before Christmas - which ALWAYS freaks me out. Thank goodness for Sally and her sad songs and good intentions, or everything would have been ruined.

Next, check out this hilarious Shark infographic.


That's all for day, kids. Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

She's gotta be strong to fight them so she's taking lots of vitamins


Late post - what's up? It's NIGHTTIME!

First up, my friend Eric REALLY wants some of these...

The Lego Architecture Series presents:

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater!

Or you could get a replica of the Guggenheim!

Or, the Sears Tower! (Sorry guys, I refuse to call it the Hancock Center.)

Ok, next up, LOOK AT ALL THIS BABY FOODZ! And by "baby" I mean small. TINY! That thurr link has tons of photos, but I'll post my favorite / most enticing here. Kim Burke's work is awesome!

Great, now I'm hungry.

Moving along in the "food" vein, apparently Kit-Kats are quite popular among the Japanese - so much so that there are different varieties: "Some of the more curious flavors include soy sauce, grilled potato, and sports drink." I personally am not that big a fan, but I do enjoy the crunchy treat from time to time. via boingboing. Check out the "kit-kats of the world" flickr set!

Oh, the novelty.

Well, that was quite a lot, so I think I'll end it here.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's taking you so long?

Quick post today, ya'll - I've got some real important stuff to do [homework].

Awesome news - I just might be visiting NYC over Spring Break! I know I have very few avid readers, but if ANYONE has a recommendation as to where I should visit / eat at / see / pay loads of money to gain access to, please leave a comment!

I do know that I am DEFINITELY going to try to check this place out:

K! Pizzacone in Midtown! I cannot resist the novelty!!! Their website is awful/not functional ... I'm judging them already. via a cup of jo.

Next is this bizarre Lego table from abgc Architecture and Design. Click the link and read their purpose/rationale - interesting, though I don't quite get it.

Lego Table - abgc from abgc-android on Vimeo.

via share some candy.

Next, check out some wildly brilliant web design out of happy cog studios. I haven't made many posts including web design, but web designer depot released a very comprehensive review of the re-design for the Philadelphia tourism website,, and it truly is amazing. Props, Happy Cog!

And I will leave you with this gorgeous photo of James Franco, because it's been a while since I posted any eye candy.

via nostalgie de la boue.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Puttin' bodies in motion cuz I got the notion

Hi everybody!

How was your weekend? No complaints here, other than the snow-dump we received overnight. I know, I know, "quit complaining about the weather - you live in Michigan!" Well I think as a Michigander it's my natural-born right to complain as much as I want. I'm kind of stuck here.

First up is some art by Ryan Begglen. I came across this thanks to a friend. Some of these had me cracking up.

Those are the three funniest, IMO. Be sure to check out the rest of his portfolio!

Next up, I am really digging this chick Heather Patterson, who I spotted over on design for mankind. It's got wonky watercolors, geometry, sketchy drawing, triangles - everything I like! How about that?

Too cool, right? I liiiiike.

Ok, so this chair is hawt. Maybe the sexiest chair ever (in an obvious way...)

Lastly, this video is pretty cool, particularly the music. via share some candy.

That's it for today. Have a fun-filled evening!

Also, remind me not to ever try to update this using Chrome. It's super buggy.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nobody puts baby in the corner. At least not THAT corner!

Quick post!

Love this invitation via simple blueprint. It's just my style - sweet, funny, sarcastic, and stylish. (Pa-ha! I wish.)

I'm trippin' balls over this awesome 7-11 Bento Box delivery service they have going on in Japan. If eating well was this convenient in the states we'd be a lot healthier and happier!

Oh, the novelty. via hello sandwich.

Check out these science cookies!!!

I want I want I want!

I might make some of these babies this weekend:

via notcot.

That's all I have time for! Have a good weekend!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh, but if I take my heart's advice

What's up? Apologies for the lack of post yesterday. I was busy being productive - much like today, only today I'm better at it.

First up, this thing is just too cool for school.

It's "We Feel Fine," a project that aggregates how people describe themselves feeling from their blogs into this crazy interactive experience. Here is the methodology if you're interested.

As a brief tribute to Alexander McQueen (a little belated, I know), I'm posting this video because it's blowing my minnndd...

Next up, I LOVE this space via decor8. Apparently it is graphic designer Jan Skácelík's digs. Not surprising.

I love the clean lines, the white, the pops of color, the retro-feel. Soooo good!

I'm also really digging this Trove wallpaper I saw over on Pillow Mint.

I can see that stuff lookin' sooo good in tons of different spaces.


I wish I had access to that space. I would spend SO much time there and I SURE as hell would pick up music again. Guitars, drums, nature, oh my!

via design is mine.

I'm thinkin' that's gonna be it for today, guys. I'm starting to lose it, apparently.

Have a good one!

Monday, February 15, 2010

The worlds collide, but all that we want is a shady lane


I had a very satisfactory Valentines Day, but who cares? It's friggin' PREZIDENTZ DAY NAO!

Lawl. Ok, that's enough of that.

This lady (Lisa Congdon) is all over the blogosphere, I've seen her at sfgirlbybay, automatism, and design is mine. Anyway, I want to draw attention to these glorious landscape paintings...

I'm also a big fan of her animal art...

Apparently she is also working on a collection of photos, paintings, illustrations, etc. a day for a whole year...

"This is a blog documenting a project that will span exactly one year, from January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010. On each of those 365 days, I will photograph or draw (and occasionally paint) one collection. Most of the collections are real and exist in my home or studio; those I will photograph. Some are imagined; those I will draw or (occasionally) paint."
The link above is to the blog. It's been pretty interesting so far. I admire her diligence and dedication! I can't even stick to updating this thing as often as I'd like to.

that tip via automatism.

A friend of mine tweeted this this morning:

Check her outtttt it's Computer Engineer Barbie!

"'All the girls who imagine their futures through Barbie will learn that engineers - like girls - are free to explore infinite possibilities, limited only by their imagination," says Nora Lin, President, Society of Women Engineers. "As a computer engineer, Barbie will show girls that women can turn their ideas into realities that have a direct and positive impact on people's everyday lives in this exciting and rewarding career.'"
ORLY, Nora Lin?

I have mixed feelings about this. While I fully support Barbie's attempt to be a career woman and expand her horizons, inspiring little girls everywhere to boot up their parents' computer and start coding her first website, I don't know a single self-respecting programmer who would wear sparkly stretch pants. And why does her top have to have stupid digi-graphics on it? AND WHY DOES SHE HAVE GLASSES?

I'd like to dedicate one GIGANTIC EYE-ROLL to Mattel. *ROLLS EYES*

On another Barbie-related note, I found this cool Museum of Foreign Groceries on automatism.

Whaaaat? I remember when Barbie looked like that and had that logo. That was ca. the awesome b-day party my mom threw for me when I was like, five. I wish I had photos.

Also, I collected WAAAAY too many of these, once upon a time.

They were pretty tasty, if I remember correctly, and those stickers were TOTALLY worth it...

Yeah. Worth it.

And lastly, I just really like this photo. That's just the kind of mood I've been in lately. =)

via design is mine.

Well that was a pretty darn good post, if I say so myself. That's it for today on In Other Skies!


Oh my God, it's a mirage - I'm tellin' y'all it's a SIMPLE BLUEPRINT GIVEAWAY!

This blog post is entering me for a chance to win a super-fun mystery box from Simple Blueprint!

That picture is a clue as to what goodies lie within...

For a chance to win, comment on the site, follow/retweet Simple Blueprint, or make a blog post of your own!

Regular post coming up shortly...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Affection, the gifted architect, is making a draft and beautiful design


Okay, people.

Earlier today my friend showed me this video Logorama. It's nominated for an Oscar in the "Best Short Film" category.

Next up, I just really like this photo of Imogen Heap. She is a strange lady, but I dig it. A while back I posted her cover of MJ's "Thriller." Check it out at let me know what you think. DEFINITELY a different spin on things. Made me think about the song differently.

Next, I am wild 'n' crazy about this love font I saw over at Whorange.

And I'm thinking I'm going to use this as advice a bit more from now on:


both via nostalgie de la boue.