Thursday, April 29, 2010


Some cool stuff today, y'all:

I just happen to really like this photo:

There's an interesting part of an article on wikipedia about why there are so many water
tower things on the buildings in NYC:

"A distinctive feature of many of the city's buildings is the wooden roof-mounted water towers. In the 1800s, the city required their installation on buildings higher than six stories to prevent the need for excessively high water pressures at lower elevations, which could break municipal water pipes.[67]"

So there you go! Photo via sfgirlbybay.


How freaking gorgeous is that?! It's blowing my mind! via automatism.

Have a good weekend, all!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Was I out of my head, was I out of my mind?

Maybe. Get ready for a non-sensical blog post! (Do they ever really make sense?)


via modish.

Check out this Chatroulette speed-drawing!

This is legitimately bizzare. Francois Robert made sculptures (arrangements?) out of real human bone.

via Pratt. Go see more!!

Finally, and chances are you may have seen these already, Balenciaga's architectural shoes. WOWZA!

I love the turquoise/wood ones. I'm not big on shoes in real life, but I like me some digital fabulousness.

Later! <3

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sangria, brats, and mashed potatoes

I keep fantasizing about having a BBQ. I LOVE BAR-B-QUES. Interesting info on the etymology of the word, too.

Check out this awesome portable grill I saw on Apartment Therapy:

It costs around $40. Worth it? It would get dirty and you'd also have to have the charcoal for it, which is more cumbersome than the grill itself. Still, AWESOME.

Speaking of BBQ, I have been spazzing out for the past week about this sangria recipe I saw over at Design Sponge.

I'm not a fan of red wine OR tequila, and I don't think mixing them would be a good idea, but LOOK how delicious it must be!

Speaking of delicious, isn't this just the cleverest DIY wall art?

It's a lovely image to begin with, but I love those paper flowers. I am SO using this idea in my future apartment.

I'm also thinking a relatively realistic DIY project could include something like this awesome mural:

I think I could manage painting some sticks and birds, eh? I'm not too shabby with a paintbrush. via desire to inspire.

Can you imagine if my next apartment looked like this?

Those drapes must have cost a pretty penny. I really like everything going on in that room, though. The blue paint color, the brown/green/cream, and whatever that antler-y thing is up in the corner. via desire to inspire.

I think this print would go very well with the rest of the decor:

Pshaw, you kids know I love Regretsy, right? That photo is so bizarre, yet I love it. I want tiny deer on my toothpaste.

See you later!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Like a drifter I was born to walk alone

Hey all,

Sorry about the embarrassing hot-linking disaster yesterday. Let's forget that happened, shall we? (stillhaven'tlearnedmylesson...)

Cool stuff today!

Who wouldn't want to spend a few hours in a giant nest-bed!?!?

I like this jewelry I saw over at design milk.

Pretty cool, eh?

I'm planning all kind of fun DIY projects for when I'm out of school. Though I'm probably lying to myself thinking I'll have more free time - haha. I also need my own place where I can make neat things.

Finally, check out this Fluxus-inspired video some classmates made in my Electronic Arts class. Pretty cool, eh?

Lactose Intolerance from Ben Froese on Vimeo.

Have a good day, all!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

I want to be someone else or I'll explode

Holy crap! SO busy! Time for a quick post:

I am really digging these illustration from Christopher David Ryan. The subtlety in color in the first two are particularly interesting...

Next, via design is mine, (and also from I've read several things along this same vein in the past few days...

I'd also like to announce an in-the-works, collaborative, once-a-week, semi-guest post series we haven't come up with a name for yet! It's going to be hilarious and it's going to involve me drawing, so you know it's got to be good.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I still don't know what I was waiting for, and my time was running wild

I am such a neglectful blog-parent. I keep finding so much inspiration, but I don't have time to even do the stuff I have to do! Story of everyone's lives, eh?


Maybe, just maybe...

Today I was thinking about how much I love peanut butter. I was surprised to discover George Washington Carver didn't actually invent it, but he did put peanuts in like a billion other things and improve lives. You da man, GWC!

So I found some peanut-butter related stuff:

How adorably silly. PB&J necklace.

Who thought this crap was a good idea?

I'd like to meet the guy who greenlighted that one and give him a stern talking-to.

I also realized how often people use the phrase "goes together like peanut butter and jelly." Now, if I ever hear someone say that, I think I might have to punch them square in the jaw.

Next up, I really dig this room:

I often find myself torn between whether I like dark spaces or bright spaces more, but this has a lot of natural light and a LOT of wood, which we know I am in favor of.

That may be why I also like this one:

The colors are a little monotonous for my taste, but I see what they did thar.

And I've seen this room on nearly every blog I read. Probably because it's GENIUS!

I promise, some place I live in will be modeled after this room.

top two via desire to inspire, bottom via desire to inspire also.

Lastly, this is just hilarious:

Celebrity Tweets, Illustrated!

That's all for today, yo! Have a good one!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ooh, girl!

Loved that sweet, sweet typography ever since I saw it over on friends of type.

More tomorrow, friends!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Baby, baby, I've been discernin'-a

We just had a TORNADO WARNING! Yes, folks. A funnel cloud was startin' somethin' somewhere around here. I have to say I saw it coming. The sky looked a foul shade of vomit and darkness a bit before we heard the sirens.

One good thing that came out of the experience was that I happened across this Etsy gem.

Don't worry. It's only TWO-THOUSAND DOLLARS. And I totally submitted it to my favorite site, Regretsy. I hope it makes it onto the site!

This isn't really art-related, but this Tumblr, Lesbians who look like Justin Bieber (and also other folks who just happen to look like him too), has been CRACKING me up.


That one is quite the gem. Now let me clarify: I only recently gave enough of a shit to even discover who this kid was, and I have repeatedly made the mistake of listening to several of his songs on Youtube. Each and every time I feel dirty, not because I'm attracted to him, but because I feel like I'm supposed to be and there is a TWELVE-YEAR-OLD CHILD on screen acting like he's some clown down the street at Rick's bar, smarming it up for the ladies. Disturbing much?


Pull up your pants, son.

I really dig these sunglasses I saw on Rubio's tumblr.

I like a lot of stuff from Opening Ceremony, actually. Namely this jumper:

and this dude's hoodie:

Well, that's all for today folks. It's a weird day.

(I'm curious if my blog will get more hits now that I've mentioned JUSTIN BIEBER JUSTIN BIEBER JUSTIN BIEBER!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Art + Sound (and more!)


I had a GREAT Friday and a decent rest-of-the-weekend. How about you? I hope you had a good Easter. Instead of celebrating with family or friends, I saw alone in my apartment and let this eat my soul.

But something interesting is going down on the blog today. In my first entry ever, I mentioned something called "Art + Sound," where I choose something artsy and then find an accompanying song. That was supposed to be a regular thing, but guess what? It happened once. Well, it's about to happen again!

I couldn't decide on just one photo/piece, so I'm making a triptych for you that captures the song (in my mind). Isn't that dandy?

So here's what you do. Fire up this video, but don't pay attention to it. Click the image below and really consider it. Are you seeing what I saw?

I get it. *shrug*

Photo credits:
letz stay together

Next up, I really want a copy of this poster:

I think that would make for an interesting tattoo, personally.

Go on over to Brainstorm and check out their stuff. There is some AWESOME work.

via design is mine.

Next, I REALLY like the work of David "Netherland" van Alphen.

Go see the rest! via share some candy.

That's all for today, kids. Have a good Monday!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

We need body rockin' not perfection

Another beautiful day here in EL!

I think this is just too hilarious/cute:

"I cannot love." "Really? Because your mustache says different." MUSTACHES CANNOT TELL A LIE!

I also really dig this:

via my love for you is a stampede of horses.

Via The Selby, because it's just soooo awesome,

If there were a type of eye candy made especially for me, that would be it.

Next up, I am loving some furniture / design I saw over on sfgirlbybay.

Like this chair:

While I'm at it, this room is blowing my mind:

(from vintage-green)

Then there's this 3D wallpaper business. Freak out!

Check out Hanna Nyman. Very pretty stuff. via sfgirlbybay.

That's all for today! Have a good weekend!