Wednesday, December 9, 2009

She's the energizer bunny of seduction

Hello all,

I have some interesting times up ahead. How about you?

First up, this cool chalk-animated music video via design is mine.

Next I'd like to share a new fave of mine - Regretsy. Ohhh lawwwddd is there some ridiculous crap on that website. One being:

Tassel and Studs Chic Shades:

Because you've always wanted vertical Kanye-shades, except to the extreme. Feel like you've been growing your bangs out for three years but didn't realize you could pin them back. WIN.

Next is Yellow Leather Halter:

I feel like this monstrosity was specifically designed to make me hork up this morning's mini-wheats back into my mouth. Look at the right arm... WHO IS WEARING THIS? An old lady, or a dude with some really shitty nice implants (and a wig)? Those veins look thirsty for some heroin, especially in that get-up.

And let us not forget the pièce de résistance,

7inch petite Pantyliner with flannel-Cloth Menstrual Pad-doggy love:

One of the commenters on regretsy said it best: "aren't we always trying to keep the dog OUT of our crotch?"


Ok. On a more intellectual note, this video/guy is friggin' brilliant. He developed a type-motion program that displays song lyrics in real-time and animates them based on several pre-set visualizations. IMPRESSIVE, SIR. IMPRESSIVE, INDEED.

TypeStar from Scott Garner on Vimeo.

That's all for today, guys. If you're in a snowy place, try to enjoy it before it melts and turns yucky-grey like it has here. <3

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