Friday, May 14, 2010

Buy myself a grey guitar and play

Today I've been noticing how much I like fur/skin rugs. I would never want one in my own home, I don't think, but don't they look nice?

This one especially. It doesn't even look like an interior floor. More like a swamp or something.

via automatism.

via automatism.

via decor8.

I am wild 'n' crazy about this bookshelf/entertainment unit. It's wonderfully retro and open. Love the grain and the color. Mmm.

Awww yeaaah!!! The Disco Dome!

If I had an iPhone (like I keep saying, I don't own an i-Anything) it would have a cover like this:

Too cool.

If you haven't been to "thx thx thx: a thank-you note a day," you should check it out.

I think this post is particularly fitting for this point in my life:

That's all for today! Have a great weekend!

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