Monday, May 24, 2010

Don't call it a comeback

Hi all,

Did you have a good weekend? I did. Spent a lot of time lazing around having fun, then went to the East Lansing Art Festival. I think I've been spoiled by the Ann Arbor Art Fair my whole life, but I appreciated the brevity of the East Lansing one. MUCH smaller and more bearable, especially in that heat. Wow.

Ok, some cool stuff for today.

I really like the art of Mischief Champion. Some of it is just too funny.

If you haven't heard of Pinterest, definitely check it out. They are still in the works, so I am eagerly awaiting my account!!!

Pinterest lets users create image boards based on their specifications: design, cooking, art, typography, furniture, ideas for future decorating, or just to collect ideas. I think it's GENIUS.

Later, all!

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