Monday, November 23, 2009

So you're back from outer space...

Fun weekend except for our horrific loss against Penn State.

Alrighty, some cool stuff coming up...

check out this cool tent thing from Apartment Therapy. Not sure what you'd do with it, because you can't actually camp in it. Oh well. If it were exceptionally nice outside or we emptied out the living room, I could see myself using this for something silly.

Next, for those of us who are woefully limited financially, here's a way to save a few bucks on Thanksgiving dinner - straight off the dollar menu!

via Wired, it's How to Serve Fast Food on Thanksgiving!

Love this silly type treatment via Friends of Type.

Really liking this, too.

Also, this is just freakin' awesome. Video from Yeasayer - "Wait for the Summer."

Yeasayer "Wait for the Summer" from Mixtape Club on Vimeo.

Later, y'all!

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  1. The tent reminds me of my fort building days of yore... Can't wait for Ike to get old enough so I have an excuse to put a tent in our living room.