Friday, January 29, 2010

I am not your rolling wheel, I am the highway

Friday posssstttt!!!

Come on, ya'll - I know I was so good this week with the posting, but let's get the readership out of the negatives, plz.

First up, this was just featured on design for mankind, but I am quite impressed with the work of Christina Vantzou. She does video editing, illustrations, print design, products design - the whole nine yards! This video is pretty cool:

Bmtv animations from christina vantzou on Vimeo.

How rad is this image? via nostalgie de la boue.

Glitz and Gibson - can't get much better than that! Makes me want to pick up my guitar and rock out!

Also, LOOOVING this from friends of type:

But I love everything from friends of type... so nothing new there.

Have a FANTASTIC weekend, people! I hope mine lives up to my pre-meditated expectations. And if it's not exciting, may it at least be productive!

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