Monday, April 26, 2010

Sangria, brats, and mashed potatoes

I keep fantasizing about having a BBQ. I LOVE BAR-B-QUES. Interesting info on the etymology of the word, too.

Check out this awesome portable grill I saw on Apartment Therapy:

It costs around $40. Worth it? It would get dirty and you'd also have to have the charcoal for it, which is more cumbersome than the grill itself. Still, AWESOME.

Speaking of BBQ, I have been spazzing out for the past week about this sangria recipe I saw over at Design Sponge.

I'm not a fan of red wine OR tequila, and I don't think mixing them would be a good idea, but LOOK how delicious it must be!

Speaking of delicious, isn't this just the cleverest DIY wall art?

It's a lovely image to begin with, but I love those paper flowers. I am SO using this idea in my future apartment.

I'm also thinking a relatively realistic DIY project could include something like this awesome mural:

I think I could manage painting some sticks and birds, eh? I'm not too shabby with a paintbrush. via desire to inspire.

Can you imagine if my next apartment looked like this?

Those drapes must have cost a pretty penny. I really like everything going on in that room, though. The blue paint color, the brown/green/cream, and whatever that antler-y thing is up in the corner. via desire to inspire.

I think this print would go very well with the rest of the decor:

Pshaw, you kids know I love Regretsy, right? That photo is so bizarre, yet I love it. I want tiny deer on my toothpaste.

See you later!

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  1. Now you're making ME excited about dining my future apartment.

    Not to mention my growling stomach right now. I don't like wine and I like tequila... I hope the sangria is good. The other stuff should make it fabulous.