Monday, August 24, 2009

Introducing: Art + Sound

So I came up with (what I believe to be) a very original and massively interesting idea today. Why not pair a piece of art with a song/sound? I'm familiar with a wide variety of music and I feel like ya'll are probably just itching to reap the benefits.

I'll [continue to] preface this by saying that the song/sound I choose is just one option, just one opinion of what I think compliments/relates to the art. I am open to suggestions. I'm also trying to set a mood for each piece. Tell me your impression. I may even include multiple options on each piece, for experimentation's sake. This could be a wonderful way to discover new music if people comment!

So here we go, Art + Sound #1

Theory of Levitation (Detail) 2007, Anna Fidler.

Anna is from Traverse City - Michiganders FTW! Click here for the enormous 83"x96" painting. (Sorry about the tiny images... can't find any large, hi-res versions.)

And the song?

Hunting Bears - Radiohead.

Take a few minutes, turn on the youtube video, and gaze at the piece (I intended it to be the detail, not the full piece).

What do you think?

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