Monday, August 31, 2009

Weak week

It's going to be a strange week. Ending one job, sticking with another; classes begin Wednesday; loss in the family; drama around every corner... Just a lot of change and turbulence, I guess.

Anyway, onto the two selections for today...

The first one being "Ground Zero" by Slinkachu.

In a form known as "street art" (kind of obvious) Slinkachu painted small figurines from model train sets, later photographing them in strange scenarios all around NYC. Once he finished his photo shoot, he left the figures there to be discovered by whoever might have happened across them.

Pretty cool, eh?
Featured in Dezeen, 08/29/08

The second selection (which I happen to think is wicked cool) is Moodstream, by Getty Images.

This online brainstorming tool provides the user with music, images, video, and an enormous set of options with which to customize their own stream, all combined into one very entertaining, inspirational, and incredibly dynamic experience. Definitely check it out! It's fun to just sit and watch, or tweak the settings and see what you enjoy most!

I think it would be cool to slow down the image duration and outline a story based on what ideas come to mind. Can you think of other ways to let this tool inspire you?

See you tomorrow! =)

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  1. I tried out the Moodstream: VERY interesting. But kinda distracting for studying purposes; I prefer my iPod or just some iTunes. But that would be great to play around with in one's spare time.