Monday, March 15, 2010

Turn my stupid question marks into simple candy canes


First I'd like to apologize for neglecting y'all while I was on Spring Break. I tried to update, I swear, but I was on Chrome and it's a bitch to upload pics with it. Try it sometime. Anyway, I tried for like 5 seconds and gave up. Boooo.

First up is this crazy video from Pleix films. They have some truly bizarre videos on there, but this was my favorite. E-Baby and Pleix Blog were some other cool ones. via design crisis.

I thought this was too cool:

I am all about incorporating tree motifs into interior design - especially something this cool! Things like this house in Austin, TX, however, I do not want:

Erin over at design crisis had the
pleasurehorror of touring this house last November.

"There is a TREE in the middle of the house — in the kitchen, for goodness sake, which is somehow even more offensive... Whoever built this patchwork piece of shit house built it out of plywood, cardboard and duct tape. The roof leaked all around the hole where the tree is, and a foundation was laid over the tree roots. Not good planning.
Plus it looks like sandworms from Beetlejuice are attacking the exterior of the home, and nobody wants that."

Hopefully some DIY-crazed lumberjack happens across that house and helps get its shit together. His darling, yet no-nonsense wife can redecorate and make it shabby-chic! Dunno what they're gonna do about the poltergeists, though. Maybe they will be very religious people and can perform an exorcism!

Yeeeaaahh! Man oh man, that post cracks me up EVERY SINGLE TIME. Click here to check it out!

This blog, Facedowns, is cracking me up.

Also, this shirt is just cracking me up:

So how was that for a blog post? Pretty adequate, I'd say. Yesssss.


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