Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Birds are baller

I like birds. Anything with a bird on it, chances are I'm going to like it. They're just cute and aesthetically pleasing. There are certain things that come to mind when I think of birds - simplicity is one of them, though I know biologically birds are quite complex. Sometimes I just think about how nice it would be to be a bird and sit up in a tree, chirping and flitting about all day. So without further ado, BIRDS.

Via grain edit, here's Josh Brill's awesome bird prints from his Flora Fauna collection. Here area few of my favorites:

They're all around $20 a piece, I think. I could definitely see myself decorating with these!

Next, via design is mine, is the art of Helen Musselwhite. HO-LY COW! What a talented lady. All of her pieces are beautiful.

So gorgeous!


  1. Hi Ainsley :)
    Thank you so much for post my work on your blog :) you make me smile, sorry for my english!

  2. Omigosh - anytime! You art is so wonderful! I consider myself lucky to have come across it.

  3. As a huge, huge, huge, did I mention *HUGE* Andrew Bird fan, I have really come to appreciate birds in artwork a bit more. (As they are connected wit much of his promotional material.) I have a shirt of his that has a wind-up bird on it that I love... can't seem to find a link to it to share, though.

    My mom also has SEVERAL prints of birds in our house of a local artist from Bath, MI, who paints animals and nature scenes. (Gijsbert Van Frankenhuyzen... say that 10 times fast.) I've actually met the man and his family, as his daughters ran cross country against me in high school, we have mutual friends, and I've visited his workshop (again, in Bath) with my parents a few times. Here's a link to his website (not very well developed):


    You should visit his workshop after stopping by Aunt Peggy Hill's sometime!