Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tie THIS around your finger

...that's what she said?

(She said that.)

Anyway, just a reminder to ya'll...

This has inspired me to go to a craft store and make one of these for my room like RIGHT NAOW! Sad how reminding yourself that others have it worse can shed light on your situation. Makes us grateful for what we have, I suppose.

I'd also like to share these awesome caricatures by Victor Gatmaitan.

This being my favorite, naturally.

Aren't they insane? The Michael Cera one is dead-on. Though I don't know what would possess someone to spend time on a caricature for him. Maybe for George-Micheal...

Anyway, that's all for now. Look forward to tomorrow for some awesome Etsy finds and probably some other shiznit as well.


  1. Edward's looking a lot like Spock to me. And that is some great advice & a good craft idea in general, if you have a favorite phrase or saying or motto or whatever. My brain is FRIED... sorry. And that Michael Cera caricature made me LOL.

    Oh, and of course, so did "She said that." That night was too much fun!

  2. I hope when I visit you in Boston, I'll see "SHE SAID THAT" hanging on your wall in bright block letters.

  3. LOL - there's room for it! How is school going for you? Is EL just as I left it? I definitely miss the place, but like some of the perks of living in a "big" city, too. Does this mean you're coming to visit?!?! I HOPE SO!!!

  4. Is that suppose to be a passive-aggressive sarcastic bit of humor, or a message of inspiration? Perhaps both?

    Very funny. Ha!