Monday, September 14, 2009

Feeling inspired

Yes! I'm feeling very inspired today, although some extreme fatigue is foiling my plot to be creative. Really, I keep coming up with all these great ideas packaged with a moment of motivation, but within seconds it all escapes me. I did come up with a cool concept for a big post on here, though, so please stand by for it.

I'm not sure how the above photo was composed, or exactly what's going on in it, but I DO know I'm absolutely bonkers for it. I wish I were her, so I could experience that moment of elation and unbridled insanity, and maybe even understand how I arrived in such a wonderful place.

In other news,

i wish.


  1. I think that's Michael Cera holding up that sign. Apparently he has conceded to the following facts:

    1.) The only role he will ever be able to play is George Michael
    2.) The public has discovered this
    3.) He has exacerbated his awkward, bumbling dorkiness, unless it is being used for the better good (i.e., "Arrested Development").

    I'll give him points for effort for attempting to go incognito with red plastic sunglasses, though.

  2. Yes, nice attempt. I think the Batman t-shirt would throw most people off.