Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fantastic giveaway!

I LOVE online giveaways. They're tons 'o' fun because not only do you have a chance to win something, but the products typically lead you to tons of other fantastic things you've never seen before! I never seem to win much ever, but my mom has a strange ability to kick ass at cake walks... so it's in my genes somewhere. (By some miracle, I actually DID win something recently...TBA.)

I do have an ulterior motive for posting this - because it enters me in the giveaway. But you should definitely check it out, too!

It's the...

Click the banner above to enter for a chance to win a cool set of prints from Louche Lab!

I just love the look of these cards... the colors, the sketchiness of the illustration, and the fact that it's all over something previously printed!

Good luck!

1 comment:

  1. Tarot card decks are truly works of art. The prints on this page aren't necessarily "my style," but they are beautiful nonetheless. Tell us what you've won!