Monday, September 21, 2009

"Every day we are breaking habits and forming new ones"

Despite the online lectures from my Interior Design class mostly being totally bogus, my professor actually said something interesting and useful: that we are constantly making and breaking habits (nearly everything we do has the potential to become a habit - good or bad). The most successful people we know tend to have good habits and follow them (right?), as opposed to those who constantly screw up, who constantly make and follow bad habits, no matter how blatantly clear and moronic they may be. It's not the most profound statement, but it's screams truth in its simplicity.

So here are some goodies, while I have time to post!

First being Bijoudally, a shop full of ridiculously beautiful laser-cut leather jewelry. I've pictured my favorite below. Holy cow! You can also check out their flashy website.

I also came across Magdalinen via Modish the other day. Their work seriously blows my mind.

Like seriously? LOOK at that. So beautiful. I'm having trouble choosing a favorite... I'm thinking maybe this lilac one. They're all pretty affordable if you have a little extra cash, too. I may be adding one of these to my wish list for the next gift-giving holiday.

I think I'm going to leave it at that. I'm sick with a cold and muscles are all sore from throwing a football yesterday. Lame.

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  1. Me = total creature of habit. Even though I came here on a mission, intently focused on breaking some of the bad ones, I find myself reverting to what is easy and comfortable when the going gets tough. I'm trying to get back on track again starting tonight, but we'll see!

    This is my favorite of the Magdalinen products, though there were others I really liked as well: