Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lend me some suga' - I am your neighbor!

Hello all!

I'm super stoked today because I got some link love over on Love.Obsess.Inspire. So to any of you who came to visit from over yonder, a big hello!

Today, I've been particularly inspired by spaces. These ones in particular:

Via design crisis, there's this little farmhouse in the Catskills. Check out the rest of the space by following the link, but this room had my mind reeling. I love it and am put off by it at the same time. I love the bright-yellow spaces on the walls. I love that stove. I love that there's a bed crammed in the corner, and I love that chair, even though there's something medieval-torture-chambery about it to me. Something I don't like? Those mirrors. They make me shiver. I don't know why. I suppose I don't like reflective surfaces in calming spaces, maybe.

This and the next photo (from desire to inspire) I think I'm drawn to because of the stairs. I'm fascinated by stairways, particularly odd, modern stairways. I love the lines in this photograph. I love that there's a bookshelf, and I like that I'm peeking into a completely different space full of life up above.

Here again - stairs, books, and wood. Did I mention I'm crazy about wood? It's probably due to my being brought up with a mom obsessed with antiques and an appreciation for expertly-crafted Amish furniture. That chair is blowing my mind and poking at my deepest nightmares, but I love it. I love the weird symmetry of the stairs, too. See what I mean? Wowza.

Oh, so check this out.

MORE STAIRS! But not just any stairs, EMO-RAINBOW stairs via notcot! They have the best stuff over in Europe, I swear. I wish I knew more German so I could decipher which emotion belonged to which color, etc. Speaking of inspiring stairs I want to climb, have you seen those awesome Swedish piano stairs? I mentioned them in this post a bit ago.

Lastly, what do ya'll think about this? I like Imogen Heap somewhat, but I have mixed feelings about it. Makes you view the lyrics and purpose of the song differently, eh? Tell me what you think, por favor!


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