Monday, October 19, 2009

Somebody said something that one time...

An odd smattering today, folks. Some this-and-that.

(for the future dentist. that photo is both disturbing and lovely)

What our hearts are made of: a series of tubes - like the internet!

(both via sharesomecandy)

Next is this space I think is brilliant. Love the furniture, love what that plant is doing for the space, love the dog. (via automatism)

Also, love this from Apartment Therapy DC:

Next, from Apartment Therapy: Unplgged, Facebook's new digs! Clicky goodness behind the link!

Looks like the new money they've been accruing is somewhat well-spent. But still, outrageous!

That's it for today!


  1. love the wrestler photo!!! I could see it in the same space as the big mouth at the top of the post. Ok, now I really want them both

  2. Whoa, that giant lamp is velvet flocked...

    I think I may faint.

  3. OMG - that giant lamp is reedikalous. (Like the back of your head, girl.)

    And the mouth photo reminds me of the Dental Anatomy I haven't been studying this weekend. :)