Monday, October 12, 2009

You're the Sigmund Freud to my bat-sh!t crazy

Hello all,

There was some crazy good stuff storing up in my reader over the weekend, so get ready for some awesome posts this week!

First up is the Piano Stairs video, which I realize everyone has probably seen by now as it is taking over the blogosphere, but I figured I'd post it on here real quick before it becomes totally old news.

Next I'd like to inform you of this awesome giveaway!

Scoot on over to love.obsess.inspire to see how to enter!

Next, I'd like to feature the art of Sakke Soini on the Behance network. I love this style of art, and this guy does it really well. Love the electronicats!

(via design for mankind)

And finally, just because it's that enjoyable:


  1. LOL - love the sheep! I'm the last person to know what's going on in the webz; I had not seen the piano stairs video until today.

  2. Dude! I saw the colored stairs and was about to post about these piano stairs, but you already had. We wasted like a half hour in class talking about them and the novelty factor.