Monday, October 26, 2009

Lines, lines, everywhere there's lines - blockin' up the scenery, breakin' my mind

Some really cool stuff up today, y'all. Today's theme is LINES.

First up is something from design for mankind a couple weeks back, a video titled "This is For Reels." Check out the website. Pretty mindblowing, IMO.

Next, via boing boing, is this crazy-cool map from National Geographic, detailing 50 years of space exploration. It shows the trajectories of our favorite spacecraft, their orbits, points of interest, and current locations. This is totally sweet!

Next is the amazing talent of Yulia Brodskaya, a ... paper-crafter, I guess? She recently did some work for Neiman Marcus' Christmas Book. You have to check out her portfolio (follow the link on her name), there is some siiiick work in there.

Totally amazing, right?

Finally is this really cool coffee cup art from Boy Obsolete, via design work life.

I wish I had the creativity and time to do stuff like this!



  1. Gah - I never cease to be amazed by all of the things you find! The dedication and skill it takes to make these things is utterly mind-blowing. Kudos to you for introducing their crafts to the masses.

  2. I love the coffee cups, and I am totally a sucker for maps and charts. Natgeo rocks the interplanetary system!