Thursday, October 15, 2009

Living a fairy tale

I'm sure not, but I bet there are people who think they are.

Anyway, I happened to run across some things that all fell in to a theme for today (much like yesterday.) Here goes...

First up is something I've been saving for weeks.

Vogue Alice in Wonderland featured over on A Cup of Jo. View the full slideshow here.

Soooooooo cool!

Next up, via Boingboing, is Sleeping Beauty cosplayers at Dragon*Con 2009.

Check out the flickr photostream for more photos of other zany cosplayers - there are some really impressive ones, including X-Men and Daria.

Next, also via Boingboing, is a collection of nude Alice in Wonderland illustrations. I haven't had an opportunity to see these, so your guess is as good as mine as to how raunchy they are.

Have a good weekend!


  1. I had to look up what a cosplayer was... guess I'm not quite as geeky as I thought. :-p

    After reading "Through the Looking Glass" and "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" earlier this summer, I fully appreciate these links. The "Vogue" photoshoot is amazing - what a fantastic concept! BTW, the book wasn't all I had hoped it would be, and Alice is kind of a bitch/idiot.

    Lastly, I LOLed at the nude Alice prints. Nothing too scandalous or randy, but probably someone's fantasy out there.

    Finally (because lastly just isn't enough)... HALOS AGLOW!