Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Once in awhile, when it's good - It'll feel like it should

Late post today, y'all. So late, in fact, that it's tomorrow already!

Here's what's up, foo:

Gecko Stickers. The raddest collection of wall decals I've seen yet. If I had my own place and some spare change, I would be ALL OVER THIS.

Next, this is just badass.

Check out these cool mixed media prints!

(via notcot)

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  1. At the beginning of the year I IKEAed up my room, including some pretty sweet wall decals. Now they have peeeled off and are in the waste bin. Mine weren't nearly as rad as the Gecko ones, though.

    And hells yes to the mixed media prints.

    Seriously, come here next year. If not to live/work, to be my designer. I need your artistic eye and style.