Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Baby, you've got to be more demanding - I will be your VALENTINE


Alright, so I'm sure all of us have been forced to be aware that Valentine's day is this weekend.

It first took my notice when I heard a radio ad along the lines of: "whether you get her the _______ or our 7-pound box of 250 pc. chocolates..."

I don't know what sort of hint I'm supposed to take from getting seven pounds worth of chocolate. "You're too skinny?" "You need to chill the hell out?" "I'm trying too hard, dump me?"

Just kidding, folks. Getting gifts on Valentine's is nice and all, but I see it more as a day to feel privileged and maybe go out to a nice dinner.

If you're in a relationship, that is. Otherwise, you end up looking like this guy:

via notcot.

He's celebrating "Single's Awareness Day."

Well, whatever! While most of the recommended V-day gifts I've seen around the blogosphere have made me puke in my mouth a little, there are several things I've found that are pretty baller and I wouldn't mind getting myself!

How about some myth-inspired postcards depicting tales of undying love?

Or how about one of these silk-screened modern world maps?


Those framed European country prints would look awesome ANYWHERE.

This print is just quirky and unique enough to make me smile and not cringe.

Or if you'd like for things to be a little more interesting, you can introduce some Porn Confetti featured over on notcot!

Also, this is pretty cool. There's a guy (David Foox) that x-rays his chest and makes anatomically-correct illustrated hearts.

There's a more detailed post about it here.

Then of course, I wouldn't mind receiving anything by Natalie Perkins.

That illustration really might be one of my favorite things ever.

Lastly, I've decided to be crafty and I'm going to make a valentine this year, y'all!

I might live photo-blog the painstaking process of making a meaningful (hopefully contest-winning - $100 bucks? yes please!), non-cliche, artistically-respectable work of art.

I know you're friggin' stoked to see how it turns out.


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