Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's taking you so long?

Quick post today, ya'll - I've got some real important stuff to do [homework].

Awesome news - I just might be visiting NYC over Spring Break! I know I have very few avid readers, but if ANYONE has a recommendation as to where I should visit / eat at / see / pay loads of money to gain access to, please leave a comment!

I do know that I am DEFINITELY going to try to check this place out:

K! Pizzacone in Midtown! I cannot resist the novelty!!! Their website is awful/not functional ... I'm judging them already. via a cup of jo.

Next is this bizarre Lego table from abgc Architecture and Design. Click the link and read their purpose/rationale - interesting, though I don't quite get it.

Lego Table - abgc from abgc-android on Vimeo.

via share some candy.

Next, check out some wildly brilliant web design out of happy cog studios. I haven't made many posts including web design, but web designer depot released a very comprehensive review of the re-design for the Philadelphia tourism website, http://www.visitphilly.com, and it truly is amazing. Props, Happy Cog!

And I will leave you with this gorgeous photo of James Franco, because it's been a while since I posted any eye candy.

via nostalgie de la boue.

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  1. YAY!!!! New York! Check out Bryant Park & Central Park. Times Square of course and CHINA TOWN!!!! That pizza cone looks very interesting! Who is James Franko??