Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm gonna steer clear, burn up in your atmosphere

Sometimes I forget everyone has a story to tell. It's just that I keep hearing the same stories over and over. I'm especially tired of my own.

On that note (kind of) I stumbled on this crazy One Day Poem exhibition. This is one of those crazy-cool ideas I wish I'd thought of myself but can't even conceive how this was created. I guess it's like a wacky sundial at a basic level, eh?

Next, I'd really like to check out this gorgeous waterfall in the Porcupine Mountains State Park, right here in Michigan. It's a 10-second exposure photo, but I forget we have that kind of nature around here, namely in the UP. Funny how we have colloquialisms unique to the region, eh? Most people out-of-region would have no idea what "the UP" is referring to, and it's rare for other people to say they're "going up north." "Yoopers" is a good one, too. Wtf, Michigan? I still love you, even in this "Michigan weather" half the nation seems to be experiencing at the moment.

I would loooove to check that sweet-ass waterfall out, but alas, it is waaaay up there (my location is depicted somewhere south of the bottom border... 11-hour drive!):

I am loving both these photos from nostalgie de la boue.

This first one is just so passionate and insane. Sort of like how I imagine being rescued by Bruce Campbell ca. The Evil Dead would be like.

What is even HAPPENING in that photo? You tell me.

This one looks like it would be happening somewhere outside a party in Mad Men (except for the Ray-Bans) because they're both so classic-looking. And smoking. Is he holding a switch-blade or a candle-lighter? Doesn't matter.



Valentines with lyrics from lewd R&B songs! Anyone quoting the Notorious B.I.G. is a-okay with me. via notcot.

That's all for today, kids.

May you have an interesting evening!

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  1. AWESOME video! I def would love to go there up in the UP sometime! Amazing sight!