Wednesday, February 24, 2010

She's gotta be strong to fight them so she's taking lots of vitamins


Late post - what's up? It's NIGHTTIME!

First up, my friend Eric REALLY wants some of these...

The Lego Architecture Series presents:

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater!

Or you could get a replica of the Guggenheim!

Or, the Sears Tower! (Sorry guys, I refuse to call it the Hancock Center.)

Ok, next up, LOOK AT ALL THIS BABY FOODZ! And by "baby" I mean small. TINY! That thurr link has tons of photos, but I'll post my favorite / most enticing here. Kim Burke's work is awesome!

Great, now I'm hungry.

Moving along in the "food" vein, apparently Kit-Kats are quite popular among the Japanese - so much so that there are different varieties: "Some of the more curious flavors include soy sauce, grilled potato, and sports drink." I personally am not that big a fan, but I do enjoy the crunchy treat from time to time. via boingboing. Check out the "kit-kats of the world" flickr set!

Oh, the novelty.

Well, that was quite a lot, so I think I'll end it here.



  1. OMG! That's sooo cute! Is it real food? You can really eat it?? It's sooo awesome!

  2. I think the pieces are made of polymer clay. She mentions it on her Flickr.

  3. brittany ShemberMarch 1, 2010 at 4:41 AM

    Awe man, it woulda been really sweet if it was real.