Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh, but if I take my heart's advice

What's up? Apologies for the lack of post yesterday. I was busy being productive - much like today, only today I'm better at it.

First up, this thing is just too cool for school.

It's "We Feel Fine," a project that aggregates how people describe themselves feeling from their blogs into this crazy interactive experience. Here is the methodology if you're interested.

As a brief tribute to Alexander McQueen (a little belated, I know), I'm posting this video because it's blowing my minnndd...

Next up, I LOVE this space via decor8. Apparently it is graphic designer Jan Skácelík's digs. Not surprising.

I love the clean lines, the white, the pops of color, the retro-feel. Soooo good!

I'm also really digging this Trove wallpaper I saw over on Pillow Mint.

I can see that stuff lookin' sooo good in tons of different spaces.


I wish I had access to that space. I would spend SO much time there and I SURE as hell would pick up music again. Guitars, drums, nature, oh my!

via design is mine.

I'm thinkin' that's gonna be it for today, guys. I'm starting to lose it, apparently.

Have a good one!

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